Recently, STMicroelectronics introduced the new MCU series, the STM32G0, which is aimed at entry-level applications that require smaller space, higher energy efficiency, more features and higher security. With the release of the new STM32 family of products, STMicroelectronics is expanding the top-of-the-range Arm® Cortex®-M core MCU portfolio to more fully encompass key embedded segments.

The extremely flexible package and storage options of the STM32G0 Series MCUs enable designers to do more work and save costs in a smaller space. The new power distribution architecture reduces external power and ground connections to just one pair of pins. In addition, ST is offering high-capacity memory density in a small, economical, low-pin-count package, while the power-saving innovations reduce consumption to near dedicated ultra-low-power devices.

To provide strong security for today's connected devices, the STM32G0 family introduces a variety of hardware-based features, including memory protection to support secure boot. Some devices in the series add the AES-256 hardware crypto accelerator to these features with a true random number generator (TRNG) to aid encryption.

Based on the Arm Cortex-M0 + core, the STM32G0 family is designed to deliver outstanding performance over a tight power budget. It targets fast-growing products in the connected world, including smartphones, smart kitchen devices, home appliances, air conditioners, consumer or industrial motor controls, advanced user interfaces, IoT devices, rechargeable connectivity devices, drones, lighting systems, and more.

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