According to Korean media reports, by the third quarter of this year, Korean companies produced DRAM chips that accounted for 75% of the global market, with Samsung and SK Hynix occupying an important position.

According to data released by DRAMeXchange, as of September this year, Samsung and SK Hynix have reached 74.6% of the DRAM market, of which Samsung accounted for 45.5%, SK Hynix accounted for 29.1%, and Micron accounted for 21.1%.

On November 15 this year, SK hynix released the first JEDEC-compliant DDR5 DRAM, while Samsung successfully developed the 10nm-level LPDDR5 DRAM in July, further ahead of the world in technology. According to earlier reports, SK hynix's DDR5 DRAM has reduced power consumption by 30% compared to DDR4, and data transmission speed is also 60% faster. It is suitable for applications such as big data and AI computing, further opening up the market and sales.

In the global market, China is currently the largest consumer of semiconductor chips, consuming more than one-third of the world's semiconductor chips, and DRAM memory and NAND flash chips are almost all imported. Micron has been investigated and banned due to patent issues with Jinhua and UMC, which will have an impact on Micron's market share. In this context, the market share of Samsung and SK Hynix is likely to continue to climb.