As we know, Bitmain is the brand owner of AntMiner, its S9 series are the most famous mining machine and occupied 90% of the world market. As estimated, Bitmain's monthly profits are 30-40 millions USD, total profits in 2017 was 450 millions USD. How such a young company which established in 2013 grows so fast? A typical example, the mining machine T9 price was 1104$ when its first release in JAN. 2017, now Bitmain sell it 3847$, they might upgrade it a little bit, but we believe the cost is much lower than before, so profits are obviously enormous. The fact is that even the price is higher, people still buying due to the Bitcoin potential. On the other hand, there are some new manufacturers comes up with some excellent machines recently, like Ebit and Pangolin Miner, more players join in and taking market shares from BITMAIN.

The order this time BITMAIN placed to TSMC is 100K pcs of HPC chip. HPC is short for High Performance Computing, which are the main chip for mining computing, 100K is a bigger quantity compare with the previous monthly sales quantity of AntMiner machine, it is a sign that Bitmain might enlarges their production capability. Bitcoin fever will continues.