Electronic Component Brief News
1. Yageo again to announces the price increasing, this time it goes up by 20%.
2. Taiyo Yuden announces the investment of 90 millions USD for expanding the MLCC production, the new production line will get into use at the end of 2018.
3. Murata discloses that they will invests to expand the MLCC production in Wuxi China. After the Okayama-ken factory, this is the second factory that Murata invests because of the high MLCC market demand.
4. Nichicon announce the price increasing of the DIP aluminum electrolytic capacitor price by 5% due to the shortage of aluminium foil.

Market demand still high and keep heading up, estimated the situation will last till end of 2018, that means there will be some fluctuations in prices in 2018 as well, further more, the lead time will be long, strongly suggest the end user to put the purchase schedule forward to avoid the component supply interruption.