Sensor is the basic component inside IoT device for acquiring analogue signals, these signals including Identity, movement status, location, posture, pressure, temperature, moisture, lightness, sound, smell…etc.

Broadly speaking, the sensors are RFID, bar code, QR code, radar, camera, IR sensor, thermal sensor…etc. The sensing technology are currently on the hand of the leading global producers like ST, TI, Freescale, Infineon, Honeywell, Bosch…etc. According to report, the world IoT market size will reaches USD 10 trillion, it means that the sensor market size will be USD 500+ billion, we believe that when IoT get massive commercialization in 2018, sensor will be the next component catalogues to faces the market shortage, nevertheless, the Chinese players joined in and get fast growth since 2016, the Chinese players now are specialize on the low and middle end sensor since technological barriers as a beginner, the development might take time, at least they are in and gradually taking the market shares, furthermore, government supports. The sensor market competition will be tougher, but it is quite a good news for end users, when more choices comes up, more directions and diversities the applications could be.