Samsung Electro-Mechanics announced that it will invest approximately US$443 million to increase the production capacity of MLCC in its Tianjin plant in China.

Yesterday, Samsung Electro-Mechanics said it will hold a board meeting next week to discuss MLCC's expansion plans in China. A Samsung executive said: "This is the second MLCC production line after Busan." The MLCC of the Tianjin plant is mostly used in electronic device, while the MLCC of the Busan plant is mostly used in the automotive electronic. According to Samsung, the new production line of the Tianjin plant is expected to be completed by the end of 2019 and will be put into operational by 2020.

In addition to investing in MLCC's capacity expansion, Samsung announced in August that it will invest a total of 25 trillion won in AI, 5G telecommunications, and biological and electronic equipment within three years.