Recently, Japan has suffered from natural disasters in succession. After the typhoon hit Japan's Kansai in the past few days and affected some enterprises' production activities, a strong earthquake of magnitude 6.7 occurred in Hokkaido yesterday, resulting in the suspension of production in various local Japanese factories.

According to reports, since the earthquake is closer to the largest thermal power plant in Hokkaido, the impact on the power plant is more serious, and it takes at least one week for the Hokkaido region to fully restore the power supply. Under the influence of power outages, Panasonic's two electronic parts manufacturing plants in Chitose City and Obihiro City have been shut down; the silicon wafer manufacturer SUMCO's Chitose Plant in Hokkaido has also been shut down.

In addition, since the 6th, Rohm Semiconductor has changed the export airport to Narita, Haneda and Central Japan International Airport. Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is considering exporting from Narita Airport. Renesas, Toshiba and Panasonic are also looking for alternative export ports. At present, the above-mentioned manufacturers supply products to customers by means of stock in the short term, and the losses during the period of suspension are temporarily unknown.