According to reports, Renesas Electronics intends to acquire IDT for US$6 billion. The report pointed out that the merger aims to expand the global layout of Renesas Electronics in the automotive chip. At present, the negotiation between Renesas and IDT has entered the final stage, the two parties will negotiate again next week.

After the acquisition of Intersil last year, Renesas Electronics has an important influence on components such as MCUs, SoCs, analogs and power devices. These products are also widely used in automotive, industrial, home appliance, office automation and ICT. Especially in the automotive sector, Renesas has a very high impact.

According to news from Renesas Electronics, in 2017, their MCU/SoC shipments for automobiles were about 1.3 billion, and the latest technology of MCUs has advanced to 28nm. Relying on these advanced processes and products, Renesas MCUs have a leading position in the automotive sector.

Founded in the United States in 1980, IDT has a leading edge in RF, high-performance timing, storage interfaces, real-time interconnects, optical interconnects, wireless power supplies, and smart sensors. The chips it produces are mostly used in data centers and communication equipment, and IDT have entered the automotive market in recent years. According to the news, Renesas Electronics' acquisition of IDT aims to acquire IDT's technology in self-driving chips. If Renesas can finally acquire IDT, it will inevitably change the global pattern of the automotive semiconductor market.