Murata plans to invest 42 million euros in a new plant in Vantaa, Finland. The investment is targeted at Murata's joint venture in Finland, which produces MEMS sensors for applications such as automotive safety systems and pacemakers.

In fact, Murata has already deployed sensor business in Finland long ago. In 2012, Murata acquired the Finnish company VTI, which is Murata’s only MEMS sensor factory outside Japan. In addition, Murata has its own R&D center and the largest clean room facilities in Finland. Murata has hired 1,000 employees in Finland and expects to add 150 to 200 jobs in 2018 and 2019. Murata said that in the long run, building a plant in Finland will strengthen Murata's research and development capabilities and manufacturing operations, and increase the utilization of Finnish companies.

In recent years, Murata is accelerating its production capacity. In addition to plans to build a new plant in Finland, Murata has also purchased previously leased buildings and built a new building of more than 160,000 square meters. It will be completed by the end of 2019.

"Advanced driver assistance systems, autonomous vehicles, medical and other emerging technology markets will be the main growth drivers for sensors. For these applications, MEMS sensors are the key solution and its measurement accuracy and stability have been validated under all conditions. " said Murichiro Hayata, managing director of Murata.

Makoto Kawashima, Director of Murata's Sensor Products Division, said: "With the construction of a new plant in Finland, we will significantly increase the production capacity of MEMS sensors. This will help Murata respond to sensor demand from the automotive, industrial and healthcare sectors and will improve Murata’s business capabilities in these markets can also help the Finnish economy."