Affected by multiple factors such as insufficient supply of upstream materials, insufficient capacity of 8-inch wafers, and international IDM exit from the medium and low-voltage MOSFET market, global MOSFET supply is tightening and prices are rising.

For the lead time and price situation of MOSFET and IGBT, Infineon stated that the lead time may exceed 26 weeks in some product areas, and the longest time is 52 weeks. The order delivery time is greatly increased and extended. the trend of. When demand is very high, price increases are common, depending on market demand, and current demand is still on the rise.

According to media reports, with ZTE's lifting of the US ban and restarting operations, it has driven shipments of MOSFET manufacturers in mainland China. According to industry sources, some customers are willing to increase the price of MOSFETs by 20%.

MOSFET supply has been in a tight state this year, mainly because international IDMs including Infineon, Vishay, STMicroelectronics, ON Semi and other international IDMs have not expanded new capacity in recent years, but since last year, New applications such as automotive electronics, Internet of Things, and cloud computing have consumed MOSFETs in large quantities, resulting in insufficient supply of MOSFETs for 3C products such as computers and smart phones, and prices have risen for the third consecutive quarter.

According to market forecasts, MOSFET out-of-stock conditions will not be resolved in a short period of time, and prices are likely to continue to rise.