Recently, STMicroelectronics held a media meeting to introduce its solutions for smart industry.

At the conference, Francesco Muggeri, senior director of marketing and applications for the Semiconductors Division of Power and Discrete Devices in STMicroelectronics, said that the development of the smart industry has several important trends: intelligentization, smarter machines can make people perceive the various data generated in the production line easily; greenization, it can make the operation of machinery and equipment more efficient and reduce energy consumption, and at the same time, it can respond to market demand more quickly; networked, more devices will access the network in the future, and to ensure that the networked devices can be better managed. To ensure the smooth running of these development trends, some key and basic chip products are essential, including motor drivers, sensors and communication chips. Taking the motor as an example, statistics show that the motor consumes about 50% of the energy in the industrial field. Since the motor is so important, it is necessary to improve the level of intelligent control of the motor, which will greatly improve the level of intelligence in the manufacturing industry. The sensor senses all equipment and various data on the production line. Communication chips, it can be said that each sensor and the execution device need to have real-time connection with the central processor without error, today's smart manufacturing is inseparable from the network.

"ST's products cover most areas of industrial semiconductors, including motor drivers, sensors, communication chips, etc. This is also the core of the future smart industry development." Francesco Muggeri said, "ST is able to help customers achieve smart manufacturing, one of the reason is that it has a wide range of chip product solutions. In the field of intelligent manufacturing, ST has more than 30 years of development experience, and has a deep understanding of the application. Therefore, we can provide innovative products to our customers. The product line is very wide, covering many aspects of intelligent manufacturing, including communication chips, processors, MCUs, etc., can provide customers with a full range of solutions, and few suppliers can provide such a complete product line."

In this event, Francesco Muggeri also introduced two new motor drive products STSPIN233 and STSPIN830. STSPIN233 is mainly used in handheld devices, and STSPIN830 is mainly used in AC power supply equipment. “These are innovative products. For example, STSPIN830 supports AC power supply equipment. It has a high input voltage and is suitable for various stage lighting and motors used in 3D printers. STSPIN233 series is suitable for low-power electronic valves, electronic locks, etc. The use of even customers wants to apply them to mobile phones," Francesco Muggeri said.

Not only in the consumer electronics and automotive sectors, ST offers a wide range of sensors in the industrial sector. In this event, ST introduced the MEMS sensors IIS3DWB and LIS2DW12 for the smart industry, which can be applied to robotic arms, predictive maintenance and industrial automation control. "We can offer products in addition to traditional acceleration and angular velocity sensors, as well as temperature, voice and humidity sensors. In order to meet the needs of industrial applications, these products ST promise a life cycle of at least 10 years." Francesco Muggeri stressed.