Xilinx announced today that it has completed the acquisition of DeePhi Tech but did not disclose the specific acquisition amount. Deephi Tech is a Beijing-based start-up with industry-leading machine learning capabilities, focused on neural network pruning, deep compression and system-level optimization.

It is reported that since its establishment in 2016, Deephi Tech has been developing machine learning solutions based on Xilinx's platform, the two companies have cooperated closely since then. Deephi Tech-optimized neural network pruning technology runs on Xilinx FPGA devices for breakthrough performance and industry-best energy efficiency. Since 2017, Xilinx has become a major investor in Deephi Tech with other leading investment institutions around the world.

“we are very pleased to further deepen the cooperation between Deephi Tech and Xilinx, so that both parties can more closely cooperate to provide leading machine learning solutions for users in China and around the world.” Said Yaowei, DeePhi Tech’s CEO.

“we are very excited about Deephi Tech joining the Xilinx family. We look forward to their participation to further enhance Xilinx's world-leading engineering research and development capabilities and accelerate Xilinx's vision of creating a flexible and intelligent world. In the future, Xilinx will continue to increase its investment in Deephi Tech and continue to advance the company's common goal of deploying machine learning acceleration from cloud-to-end applications.” Said Salil Raje, executive vice president of Xilinx Software Business.

After the acquisition, Deephi Tech will continue to operate in its Beijing office as part of the Xilinx Greater China family.