According to the supply chain, the price increase of chip resistor has slowed slightly recently. From April to July, the chip resistor has completed the first round of price increases, and the overall cumulative increase is about 50% to 100%. But the supply chain also pointed out that chip resistor manufacturers are preparing for the next round of price increases, which may start in September.

According to a Taiwan chip resistor manufacturer, the production of chip resistors is still tight at this stage. Even if new capacity is gradually released, it immediately ordered by customers, so that it is impossible to establish safety stocks, this is the main reason for price increases. The chip resistor factory also pointed out that due to the demand and supply gap, the orders receive now will not be produced until four months, and it is estimated that demand will not decline in the fourth quarter.

It is reported that due to the increase in the use of chip resistors in various end products, and the shortage of upstream ceramic substrates, and the important production bases in mainland China have encountered environmental protection restrictions, resulting in increased costs and reduced supply, it led to the price increase of chip resistor.