On July 6, SemiMedia reported that Murata is likely to adjust prices for some MLCC products, but the news has not been confirmed because Murata did not issue any statements officially. Just today, Murata officially response that the news of the price adjustment is true, it mainly due to the rising cost of raw materials such as electrode materials, ceramic raw materials, processing materials used in MLCC manufacturing, and investment expansion.

Murata stated that the current market demand for MLCC is getting higher and higher, Murata has increased investment for expansion, but the construction of the factory takes time. In order to stabilize the supply, Murata decided to implement price adjustment for some MLCC products. In addition, the price adjustment will vary according to the order quantity and trading conditions, plus the variety of products, the cost structure is also different, the price adjustment can not be generalized into any percentages. In other words, the increase in the price of Murata MLCC will be based on customer and market conditions.

In fact, Murata made the first price adjustment in May 2018, and now it will carry out the second price adjustment, plus a series of investment expansion plans including Murata’s plan to invest 29 billion yen to build a new MLCC plant. It is foreseen that the market demand for MLCC will continue to rise in the next two years.