Avnet recently announced that it will begin providing its customers with a real-time transportation tracking system, ParceLive, on a global scale. The ParceLive service was developed by Hanhaa, a UK-based Internet of Things company.

By placing the ParcelLive tracker in the package, the user can connect and be able to know the shipping status of the goods, no matter where in the world. In addition to providing location information, ParceLive actively captures important information such as temperature and humidity in real time. In addition, ParcelLive also sends an alert to the user if the package is discarded, opened or not handled properly.

“This technology is very helpful in the markets we serve today, so we have added ParceLive to our full supply chain services.” said Terry Bassett, Avnet’s Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer.

Hanhaa CEO Azhar Hussain said: “We are very pleased that Avnet has become our first truly international partner. The depth and breadth of Avnet’s supply chain and logistics expertise combined with their expansive customer base will truly demonstrate the globalization of ParceLive’s international IoT data service using our Hanhaa Mobile network.”