January 16, 2024 /SemiMedia/ -- According to reports, South Korea plans to build the world's largest semiconductor industry cluster. Companies including Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix have decided to invest a total of 622 trillion won in building 16 chip fabs (13 wafer manufacturing fabs and 3 wafer R&D facilities) by 2047.

According to the plan, the cluster will be located near Seoul and will produce HBM, PIM and other cutting-edge chips. By 2027, three wafer fabs and two R&D facilities will be built, with the goal of producing 7.7 million wafers per month by 2030.

Among them, Samsung Electronics has invested a total of 500 trillion won, including 360 trillion won in the Yongin chip factory, 120 trillion won in the system and chip factory in Pyeongtaek, and 20 trillion won in the storage R&D factory in Giheung. SK Hynix will invest 122 trillion won in Yongin to build four chip factories to produce memory chips.

Covering an area of 21.02 million square meters, it will be the largest semiconductor cluster in the world.