According to industry sources, the global MLCC giant Murata recently started negotiating price increases with its customers on the MLCC and may increase prices by 20%-30%. At the same time, another Japanese manufacturer, Taiyo Yuden, may also adjust its price.

As we know, Murata announced last week that in order to cope with the increasing demand from MLCC, its production subsidiary “Fukui Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.” has acquired land for construction and plans to invest 29 billion yen in the construction of a new MLCC plant. The new plant is scheduled to start construction in September this year.

Earlier, Murata also announced that it would expand production at the "Izumo Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd." and a factory located in the suburbs of Manila, the Philippines. It is estimated that by the end of March 2020, Murata's MLCC production capacity will increase by 20%.

Murata’s plan to start a large-scale plant construction is mainly to respond to the increase in demand for MLCCs in automotive and 5G mobile communications. However, before the completion of the factory construction, there is little change that the MLCC shortage will be alleviated, and orders from customer continue to increase at the same time. Therefore, it is often reported that Murata may increase price. About the news this time, Murata has not yet made a formal response.