December 27, 2023 /SemiMedia/ -- According to reports, Samsung and SK Hynix plan to increase investment in semiconductor equipment in 2024. Among them, Samsung plans to invest approximately 27 trillion won, an increase of 25% from its 2023 investment budget. SK Hynix plans to invest approximately 5.3 trillion won, an increase of 100% from this year’s investment.

In addition to investment growth, Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix have also increased their semiconductor shipment targets for 2024. Samsung Electronics plans to increase DRAM and NAND production by approximately 24% each compared to this year. Specifically, the monthly investment in DRAM wafers is 250,000 16-15nm level (D1z), 180,000 14nm level (D1a), and 230,000 13-12nm level (D1b). SK hynix plans to increase DRAM production to the level before production cuts at the end of last year, and focus on expanding the production scale of cutting-edge DRAM such as HBM.

Morgan Stanley predicts that global smartphone shipments will increase by 3.9% in 2024 compared with this year, and said that AI on devices will create new demand. AI requires large-capacity memory, which also drives demand for high-value products.