November 28, 2023 /SemiMedia/ -- Nexperia announced on the 24th that after a long period of uncertainty, the acquisition of Delft startup Nowi has now been finalized. Nexperia is now able to further realize its ambitions in the Dutch chip ecosystem.

Nowi products are battery replacing chips for consumer applications. Nowi chips – which are linked to a solar cell, for example – ensure that surrounding energy can be used directly in simple devices such as remote controls or price tags in the supermarket. Nowi chips can charge a battery or replace it completely. In this way, Nexperia has the potential to replace billions of batteries and contribute to a more sustainable environment.

Charles Smit, Director of Nexperia Netherlands: "We are pleased that, after an period of uncertainty, there is finally clarity. It allows us to realise our ambitions in the Netherlands and our plans in the field of energy efficiency. While we've always said that Nowi's and Nexperia's technology is harmless, today's announcement confirms this. It is important that there is a clear policy that strengthens the Dutch investment climate. In these uncertain times, a transparent, fact-based dialogue between government and business is of paramount importance. We are fully committed to this."

Simon van der Jagt, co-founder and former CEO of Nowi: "Having access to the production, sales and marketing infrastructure of a major chip manufacturer enables us to bring products to market much faster and therefore have more impact. Our shared Dutch background and the mission to become more sustainable makes this a perfect combination. The team is therefore looking forward to further achieving our common goals in the coming years."