November 8, 2023 /SemiMedia/ -- Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. announced that its manufacturing subsidiary Fukui Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. will establish a new R&D base "Ceramic Capacitor R&D Center" near Echizen-Takefu Station in Fukui Prefecture. Construction will commence in November 2023 with the inauguration planned for April 2026.

The establishment of the Ceramic Capacitor R&D Center aims to improve the technological capabilities in the development and manufacture of ceramic capacitors, Murata Manufacturing’s core business. By creating a cutting-edge environment dedicated to research and development, Murata aims to facilitate higher-level R&D activities and nurture engineers.

The center will also collaborate with other company sites and partner companies, with the aim of strengthening Murata’s capabilities in monozukuri (manufacturing) across the entire production process from product development to mass production.

The R&D center covers an area of 55,075 square meters and has 5 floors above ground, and is expected to create around 800 jobs.