September 26, 2023 /SemiMedia/ -- Digikey announced that it has expanded its product portfolio in the first half of 2023, adding 300 new suppliers to its core business, including the DigiKey Marketplace and its Fulfilled by DigiKey program.

“DigiKey focuses on adding the newest, most innovative technologies, so it can carry the widest selection for the engineering community,” says Mike Slater, global business development VP at DigiKey. “We also continuously analyze our supplier mix to fill technology gaps, and provide the global engineering community with technologies in compliance with regulations in their respective locations.”

Some key suppliers added to DigiKey’s portfolio in 2023 include: Alps Alpine, Amphenol LTW, Ambiq Micro, Helukabel and Zettler Magnetics. At the same time, DigiKy adds its long-time suppliers continue to expand their offerings by adding new products from different divisions. This combination lets DigiKey expand further into the industrial space with more controls, sensors, motors and advanced industrial automation products. The company is an authorized distributor of electronic components from more than 2,400 suppliers.