Jun 29, 2023 /SemiMedia/ -- According to insiders, Infineon is likely to produce silicon carbide wafers in Europe in the future in order to stabilize the supply.

Today, only a few companies in the world have the manufacturing capacity of large-size silicon carbide wafers. Wolfspeed is currently the leader in this field and the only manufacturer capable of mass-producing 8-inch silicon carbide wafers. With the growth of the new energy vehicle market, the industry's demand for silicon carbide will continue to increase, but the current production capacity is very limited.

In May 2023, Infineon signed supply agreements with two Chinese companies respectively, and the two companies will supply 150mm silicon carbide wafers and ingots. However, industry insiders believe that in order to ensure the long-term supply of this raw material, Infineon is likely to plan in advance to produce silicon carbide substrates by itself.

The insider said that as a German company, Infineon is expected to invest and build a factory in Germany, and at the same time, it will facilitate access to financial subsidies from the country.