Jun 22, 2023 /SemiMedia/ -- Nexperia recently announced the expansion of packaging options for its NextPower 80/100 V MOSFET portfolio, previously only available in LFPAK56E, now also includes LFPAK56 and LFPAK88 packages. These devices have been designed to combine high efficiency with reduced spiking behavior in telecommunications, server computing, industrial, power supply, fast charging, USB-PD, and motor control applications.

The Qg*RDSon figure of merit has long been a focus for semiconductor manufacturers aiming to improve the efficiency of MOSFET switches. However, relentlessly pushing this figure ever lower has had the unintended consequence of increasing spiking levels when a MOSFET switches on or off, increasing the amount of generated electromagnetic interference (EMI). Having identified this as an emerging issue, Nexperia began to research how modifying other process technology parameters might help to address it. These efforts culminated in Nexperia releasing its NextPower 80/100 V MOSFETs with lower Qrr (reverse recovery charge), enabling them to significantly reduce the amount of spiking during switching transitions while exhibiting the same high-efficiency performance as competing MOSFETs but with lower EMI. By making these high-efficiency, low-spiking NextPower 80/100 V MOSFETs available in LFPAK56 and LFPAK88, Nexperia not only enables designers to reduce application size and benefit from the added robustness of copper clip packaging, but also provides new options to design engineers and customers looking to qualify additional sources for their existing designs. For more information, please visit:https://www.nexperia.com/products/mosfets/family/NEXTPOWER-80-100V-MOSFETS/