May. 18, 2023 /SemiMedia/ -- SK Group recently announced that SK powertech's new fab in Busan, South Korea, has completed trial operation and will be put into mass production, which means that its SiC (silicon carbide) semiconductor production capacity will be expanded by nearly three times.

Founded in 2017, SK powertech is a global leader in the design and production of SiC power semiconductors. In 2022, SK Group expanded and relocated its SiC production plant in Pohang, South Korea to Busan after completing the acquisition of SK powertech.

From May 16, 2023, SK powertech's new factory in Busan will mass-produce customer orders from the fields of solar energy and electric vehicles, and more than half of the products will be exported to overseas markets.

SK said that by the fourth quarter of this year, the new fab in Busan will have an annual production capacity of 29,000 (150mm wafers) SiC power semiconductors, which is nearly three times higher than the current about 10,000.