Apr. 25, 2023 /SemiMedia/ -- According to reports, Rapidus recently revealed that it will build more than two production buildings in the Chitose factory in Hokkaido, Japan, and in addition to 2nm, it will also build 1nm chip factories.

The report pointed out that Rapidus plans to trial-produce logic chips in 2025 and start mass production in 2027. The company plans to focus on high-performance computing (HPC) and ultra-low power consumption.

Rapidus said that IIM 1 (the first factory building), which is expected to start mass production in 2027, will produce 2nm chips, while IIM 2 (the second factory building), which is scheduled to be built in the same factory area, will produce products of the next generation (1nm) after 2nm . Taking into account the increase in global semiconductor demand in the future, it is also considered to expand the number of factories to 3-4 buildings.

Rapidus said that the name of the factory, IIM, means Innovative Integration for Manufacturing, which is the name it uses to replace the current semiconductor factory, with the goal of producing brand new semiconductor products.