Mar. 1, 2023 /SemiMedia/ -- According to Bloomberg, Japan's chip manufacturing equipment manufacturer Tokyo Electronics said that despite inflation and geopolitics uncertainty, it is expected that the semiconductor industry will return to growth next year.

Toshiki Kawai, CEO of Tokyo Electronic, said that long -term trends such as autonomous driving and the development of the Metaverse will increase the demand for data storage and processing capabilities.

"By 2030, the amount of data that must be processed worldwide will increase tenfold, and then 100 times by 2040," Kawai said.

The report pointed out that Tokyo Electronics may face the adverse impact of the situation in China and the United States. The details of export control measures that Japan may take are unknown, but the business of Tokyo Electronics is likely to be directly affected. At present, more than 20%of the company's sales come from China.

Nevertheless, some analysts said that if the current decline duration lasts to expected, or export control over China is too heavy, the result may not be optimistic as expected.