Murata recently launched the BLE32SN series of chip ferrite beads, the world's first chip-type noise suppression component with a rated current of 20A. They will be used to provide noise suppression in circuits with large current flows, such as the battery charging systems and powertrains of electric vehicles (EVs), as well as in industrial equipment.

There was previously no chip-type noise suppression filter that could attain a 20A current rating. This meant that multiple chips had to be mounted in parallel, which added to the bill-of-materials (BoM) costs and took up valuable board real estate. Through specifying Murata’s BLE32SN series, a small number of chips will be required* - enabling space savings and weight reductions to be realized within implementations.

By leveraging advanced structural simulation techniques, Murata engineers have been successful in creating a proprietary internal electrode design. This increases the electrode volume of these chips compared with those using a conventional arrangement. It has resulted in a significant lowering of their DC resistance characteristics. Consequently, heat generation is reduced, so less thermal management is needed - allowing further cost and weight savings to be benefitted from.

Murata’s BLE32SN series ferrite beads have a compact form factor, with 3.2mm × 2.5mm × 2mm dimensions. They are capable of supporting an operational temperature range of −55°C to +125°C or −55°C to +150°C, depending on customers’ application requirements.

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