According to reports, Wolfspeed co-founder John Palmour mentioned in an interview recently that its new SiC fab will reach planned production capacity in 2024.

John Palmour points out that Wolfspeed has partnered with six equipment manufacturers, some of which have developed special machines specifically for Wolfspeed's process. Given the long lead times for equipment, the new fab is expected to reach full production capacity as early as 2024. In addition, the company is accelerating the procurement of equipment to provide sufficient capacity for the fab in the next few years.

Back in April, Wolfspeed officially opened its state-of-the-art Mohawk Valley SiC fabrication facility in Massey, NY, USA. Wolfspeed CEO Gregg Lowe said in May that the world's first 8-inch SiC fab in New York State is expected to contribute significantly to revenue in the first half of 2023.