Intel CEO Patrick Gelsinger said in an interview recently that the chip shortage is expected to continue until 2024, and the delivery time of chip production equipment has been significantly extended.

Gelsinger pointed out that the shortage of semiconductors has also caused a shortage of advanced chip manufacturing equipment, which may slow down the expansion of global chip production capacity.

Gelsinger said lead times for chip-making equipment at the new fab have stretched considerably. He believes that the most critical factor for expanding production capacity at present is the supply of chip manufacturing equipment.

Last month, ASML CEO Peter Wennink noted in an earnings call that ASML continues to see unprecedented demand for advanced and mature chip manufacturing technologies from customers across all market segments. There's no sign of abating yet, and even if demand does, there's still a huge gap between demand and its capacity. Due to capacity constraints, ASML can only meet about 60% of the market's demand for its deep ultraviolet lithography machines.