According to Supply Chain, onsemi issued a notice to its customers on the 18th that its shipments were being affected by the COVID-19 outbreak.

onsemi said in the notice that with the enhanced governmental lockdowns, specifically in Shanghai, their China Global Distribution Center have been forced to shut down, therefore impacting business.

In addition to lockdowns in Shenzhen, Suzhou and Leshan that impact onsemi’s operations there,  smaller cities have begun to impose lockdowns and/or heightened restrictions of entering the city, specifically impacting external manufacturing locations.

Onsemi said it has begun moving to other onsemi locations to relieve capacity restrictions and aid in reduced impact - such as its Distribution Centers in Singapore and Manila.

Onsemi noted that despite its efforts to respond to this force majeure event, including rerouting to alternative warehouses and expedited shipping methods (i.e. NFO - Next Flight Out), it was unable to ship enough material to meet all customer needs.

At the moment, onsemi has not received any notification about the progress of the possible release of the shutdown.