According to reports, Intel announced that it will spend $3 billion to expand its D1X factory in Oregon, USA, to speed up technology development.

Intel senior vice president Sanjay Natarajan introduced that the D1X factory facility with 14,000 employees will be expanded by 270,000 square feet, which will increase its size by 20% when completed.

The report pointed out that Intel's 10nm process is several years behind the industry, and rivals such as TSMC and Samsung Electronics can provide better outsourced production than Intel. In addition, TSMC and Samsung's customers, such as Nvidia and AMD, have launched more competitive products and grabbed the market, squeezing Intel's profitability and room for growth.

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger wants to reverse the current market situation to return to the industry's leading position, and the D1X factory is leading his plan. Migrating from a production node to a more advanced node typically takes anywhere from 18 months to two years. The report said Intel's goal is to move five nodes in a row within four years to catch up and surpass its Asian rivals.