According to reports, Samsung Electronics recently completed the expansion of its second NAND flash memory fab in Xi'an, China, and started full production.

The second fab has been operating at full capacity since early March, the report said. The fab produces 130,000 12-inch wafers per month, up from 120,000 per month at the first fab. With the two fabs combined, Samsung's monthly production of NAND flash memory at its Xi'an fabs reached 250,000, accounting for more than 40% of Samsung's total NAND flash memory production.

According to the local government, the total output of Samsung's Xi'an fabs exceeds 10% of the world's NAND flash memory production. In addition, industry insiders predict that Samsung's market share of NAND flash memory will expand from 35% to 40% as the second fab in Xi'an is put into production.