Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. today announced that the acquisition of Resonant Inc., a leading company in RF filter design, was completed on March 28, 2022.

Signals in the high-frequency band are expected to increase significantly. To meet that anticipated demand, Resonant's proprietary XBAR technology achieves high attenuation with low loss and steep filter characteristics, making it possible to suppress signals that existing filters have been forced to accept as noise. This technology will be critical in achieving reliable, high-speed wireless communications for standards such as 5G and beyond.

With this acquisition, Murata Manufacturing further strengthens its position as a leader in the telecommunications market by combining filter and process technologies and proprietary manufacturing capabilities with Resonant’s XBAR technology to provide advanced high-frequency filters.

Murata Manufacturing President Norio Nakajima stated the following: "As utilization of the high-frequency spectrum progresses, we expect that many frequency bands will be adjacent to each other, as is the case with those already in use. To fully realize the benefits of high-speed communication standards, reliable, precision electronic components that meet the required specifications, regardless of the communication environment, are essential. We are very pleased to be able to combine the Resonant technologies with our own to deliver leading-class solutions to our customers."