Siemens recently announced that it has become a founding member of the Intel Foundry Services (IFS) ecosystem EDA Alliance, and will use Intel's advanced processes to support the design and manufacture of next-generation SoCs.

The report pointed out that the EDA tools, processes and methods Siemens plans to provide to Intel will support nanoscale analog, RF, mixed-signal, memory and custom circuit design platforms.

While entering the foundry market, Intel has formed a cooperative alliance in the fields of semiconductor IP, EDA, and cutting-edge packaging technology, which will shorten the SoC development time of its IC design customers.

"Intel will combine IFS' advanced process technology with Siemens' top-of-the-line EDA and will provide solutions that meet the expectations of a highly competitive semiconductor market," said Rahul Goyal, vice president of Intel.

"Siemens will partner with Intel IFS and provide EDA solutions that enable customers to maximize the use of Intel process and packaging technologies," said Joseph Sawicki, vice president of Siemens.