According to the 2022 Global Wafer capacity Report released by Knometa Research, by the end of 2021, the monthly production capacity of global IC wafers will be 21.6 million 200mm-equivalent wafers. Among them, the monthly production capacity of mainland China is 3.5 million pieces, accounting for 16% of the global production capacity.

Knometa Research pointed out that China's capacity share has increased by 1% annually over the past two years, and has increased by 7% cumulatively since 2011, when China accounted for 9% of total global IC wafer capacity.

In addition, about half of the wafers produced in mainland China are produced by non-mainland Chinese companies. Among them, some of the largest fabs are owned by SK Hynix, Samsung, TSMC and UMC.

Knometa Research expects China's share of global IC wafer capacity to reach nearly 19% by 2024. It should be noted that this data applies only to integrated circuits.