Littelfuse, Inc., today announced that it has received the 2017 "Best Product of the Year" award from Editors of Electronic Products Magazine. Littelfuse also received the 2017 Best Product Award from Electronic Products China magazine. As an award-winning product for both awards, the 881 Series high-current surface mount fuses can be used in applications requiring compact size and high current circuit protection.

“High-current-demanding boards, such as blade servers, backplanes, and high-power power supplies, pose challenges for developers using circuit protection fuses. To use a compact surface-mount device, multiple low-current fuses must be connected in parallel. Or use larger, ultra-capacity industrial equipment,” said Richard Quinnell, editor of Electronic Products. “The 881 series fuses solve this dilemma and provide up to 100 A rated current in a 12.5 x 10 x 6.8 mm surface-mount device (SMD)."

The Product of the Year Award was created by Electronic Products in 1977 to recognize substantial achievements in innovative technologies, innovative designs, or cost-effectiveness that made significant advances in technology or applications in the previous year. Award-winning products are judged from thousands of products.

Daniel Wang, director of global product management at Littelfuse's Electronic Products business unit, said: “The 881 series fuses allow the use of a single fuse in high-current applications where board space is extremely limited. It can replace multiple parallel low-rated fuses and reduce PCB’s total number of parts helps designers save board space."

The 881 Series fuses feature the lowest voltage drop and lower temperature rise performance, which improves power supply efficiency, optimizes thermal performance, and minimizes power loss. Its reliable design and operating temperature range of -55°C to 100°C enhance reliability and reduce the possibility of temperature cycling and vibration effects.