According to reports, Winbond's new 12-inch wafer fab in Kaohsiung has started moving in equipment and is scheduled to start production in September. It is expected to initially produce 3,500 wafers per month and gradually expand to 10,000 wafers by December. After the first phase is put into production, the monthly production capacity will increase by 14,000 pieces, which will increase Winbond's total production capacity to 38,000 pieces per month.

The report pointed out that the new fab will use Winbond's second-generation 25nm process technology to produce niche DRAMs. At present, the company has a monthly production capacity of 24,000 pieces, of which about 12,000 pieces use the 25nm process.

Winbond's core memory business revenue will exceed $2.18 billion by 2022 as the new fab goes into production. The report also pointed out that due to strong demand, the price of niche DRAM is expected to stop falling and stabilize in the first quarter of 2022.