According to Nikkei Asia, Murata's MLCC production site, Fukui Murata, has suspended some production lines since the 15th due to the outbreak of a Covid-19 cluster infection.

The report pointed out that some floors of the Takefu factory under the Fukui Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. were suspended due to the cluster infection. The total number of employees working on these floors is about 260.

The Takefu factory mainly produces MLCC and other products, with about 7,000 employees (including cooperative enterprises). On January 16, the cumulative number of confirmed cases has reached 116, and the cumulative number of people in home quarantine has reached 1,256. A considerable proportion of employees are unable to participate in the production line due to the epidemic.

Murata pointed out that the shutdown of some production lines has little impact on overall production and shipments. Since the overall supply and demand of MLCC is not tight, it has little impact on the market.