According to Businesskorea, in order to expand the non-memory business, Samsung Electronics will announce an M&A transaction in the near future. The report revealed that Infineon and NXP may be the acquisition targets of Samsung.

“If we can go faster through M&A deals, we will choose them rather than going it alone. We have left open the possibility of making M&A deals in both the parts and set sectors.” said Han Jong-hee, vice chairman of Samsung Electronics’ DX Business Division, “I think we will be able to deliver good news soon.”

The report pointed out that Samsung Electronics may be interested in acquiring automotive semiconductor companies, and Infineon and NXP are likely to be the targets of its mergers and acquisitions. These two companies produce microcontrollers and power management integrated circuits for automobiles.

However, industry insiders believe that due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the shortage of semiconductors in the past two years, all countries have taken ensuring the security of chip supply as their top priority and do not want to sell their domestic chip companies to foreign countries.

"Europe will not allow Infineon or NXP to be acquired by companies from other countries," an industry source said.