Renesas Electronics recently introduced the ClockMatrix 2 high-performance, precision, multi-channel timing devices for 400/800Gbps optical transport and wireline network applications. Building on the ClockMatrix devices introduced in 2019 for 5G wireless and 100/200Gbps wireline network applications, the second-generation family delivers improved performance with phase jitter as low as 88fs-rms.

The highly integrated devices provide all the functionality needed to implement an IEEE1588 clock solution with jitter attenuation capabilities resulting in ultra-low jitter clock outputs for Synchronous Ethernet PHYs with data rates up to 112Gbps PAM-4, reducing design complexity and bill of materials (BOM) requirements, while also allowing customers to apply the timing devices to a wide variety of network applications.

“The shift to 5G is pushing the limits of network speed and precision, raising the bar on clock jitter and synchronization capabilities,” said Bobby Matinpour, Vice President of the Timing Products Division at Renesas. “The new ClockMatrix 2 family delivers on all fronts, with low jitter, high precision, and a wide range of synchronization features in a highly integrated single-chip solution.”

The RC32614A ClockMatrix 2 system synchronizer is available now. For more information, please visit