FRONTVIEW Technology recently announced that it is now shipping the 2SK1317-E from Renesas.

2SK1317-E is a 1500V silicon N-channel MOSFET from Renesas, with high-speed power switching and high breakdown voltage. It is suitable for switching (motor drive, etc.) and load switch applications.


• High breakdown voltage VDSS = 1500 V

• High speed switching

• Low drive current

• No secondary breakdown

• Suitable for switching regulator, DC-DC converter and motor driver

Under the impact of the global semiconductor shortage, the unit price of the 2SK1317-E began to rise in early 2021. After the supply chain adjustment, its price has now fallen.

According to reports, Renesas plans to raise prices in 2022, and device prices are estimated to rise slightly by then. FRONTVIEW now has 2SK1317-E in stock, please contact the sales representative at for quotation.