According to Reuters, Scott Keogh, CEO of Volkswagen Group America, pointed out at the Automotive Summit that the chip shortage will continue until 2022, at least the second half of 2022.

Keogh stated that although the chip shortage may be alleviated in the fourth quarter of this year, the automotive industry is still unable to meet the market's demand for cars.

Keogh believes that there may be a shift in the near future, and automakers will try to reduce the number of chips assembled in cars and trucks.

"Historically, we've made decision as if chips were nearly infinite, so each and every module required a chip, every window lift, every modulator," he said. "There's ways that we start to look at it when we develop the cars, can we do more modules with less chips? It can be done. These are all things we are looking at."

In addition, Keogh further pointed out that the challenge now is the shortage of chips, and the next challenge will be the increasing demand for electric vehicles and the supply of electric vehicle batteries.