Melexis announced that it will open a new building this fall, which will house the production and research departments. The new building is located in the Gorublyane district of Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, and is an extension of the company's existing building. 

The new production space, the area for research and development, as well as the storage space will add 15,000 square meters to the current area of 7,500 square meters. The new building has energy-saving facilities, building management systems, intelligent temperature control, relative humidity and lighting, energy and heat reuse systems.

The new building is designed to attract Bulgarian and international experts in the field of microelectronics, with an investment of about 75 million euros. It is a key part of Melexis' growth strategy and an important step in protecting customers from global chip shortages.

"Melexis continues to invest in new machines and equipment for growing production. This proves that our development plans in the country are long-term. One of the reasons for this is that Bulgaria has traditions in the field of microelectronics and has specialists who In addition to training, social benefits and work-life balance, Melexis offers its employees the opportunity to experience the latest innovations in the industry and contribute to technological evolution, all within of Bulgaria ", shares Ivan Chernov, Global Production Manager at Melexis Bulgaria.