According to the supply chain, Nuvoton Technology Corporation (NTC)  recently issued a price increase letter to its customers, stating that due to the continued short supply of wafers in the third quarter and capacity imbalances, it will raise the foundry price by 15% from September 1.

NTC was established in 2008 as a semiconductor manufacturer and acquired Panasonic Semiconductor Solutions on September 1, 2020.

NTC's main products are MCUs, analog ICs, DSPs, image sensors and discrete devices. In addition to producing its own IC products, NTC's wafer fabs also provide part of the production capacity as foundry services. Among them, its 8-inch wafers are mainly used for MCUs and power chips.

Industry insider pointed out that due to the tight production capacity of foundry and IC packaging and testing, NTC has increased MCU prices since the fourth quarter of last year. The increase in foundry prices is not surprising.