According to statistics released by the Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA) on July 30, the surge in demand for capacitors from Europe and the United States drove the global shipments of Japanese electronic component manufacturers in May 2021 to increase by 39.4% from the same month last year to 325 billion yen.

According to the statistics, shipments in all regions have shown growth. Among them, domestic shipments in Japan in May increased by 33.4% from the same month last year to 66.5 billion yen; shipments to the Americas surged 94.2% to 32.6 billion yen; shipments to Europe surged 97.3% to 32.9 billion days Yuan; shipments to the Chinese market increased by 20.4% to 124.1 billion yen; shipments to other parts of Asia increased by 46.9% to 68.7 billion yen.

In terms of products, capacitor shipments in May increased by 40% from the same month last year to 117.1 billion yen, which is the 12th consecutive month of growth; connector shipments increased by 46% to 45.7 billion yen; Shipment increased by 41% to 14.3 billion yen; transformer shipments increased by 28% to 3.4 billion yen; inductor shipments increased by 50% to 23.8 billion yen.

Switch component shipments increased by 39% to 28.2 billion yen; actuator shipments increased by 43% to 19.3 billion yen; radio frequency including TV tuners, filters and wireless modules (RF) Parts shipments increased by 18% to 24.2 billion yen.