ROHM recently launched hybrid IGBTs with integrated 650V SiC Schottky barrier diode, the RGWxx65C series (RGW60TS65CHR, RGW80TS65CHR, RGW00TS65CHR). The devices are qualified under the AEC-Q101 automotive reliability standard. They are ideal for automotive and industrial applications that handle large power, such as photovoltaic power conditioners, onboard chargers, and DC/DC converters used in electric and electrified vehicles (xEV).

The RGWxx65C series utilizes ROHM’s low-loss SiC Schottky barrier diodes in the IGBT’s feedback block as a freewheeling diode that has almost no recovery energy and thus minimal diode switching loss. Additionally, since the recovery current does not have to be handled by the IGBT in turn-on mode, the IGBT turn-on loss is reduced significantly. Both effects together result in up to 67% lower loss over conventional IGBTs and 24% lower loss compared with Super Junction MOSFETs (SJ MOSFETs) when used in vehicle chargers. This effect provides good cost performance while contributing to lower power consumption in industrial and automotive applications.

In recent years, global efforts to reduce environmental burden and achieve a carbon-neutral and decarbonized society have spurred the proliferation of electrified vehicles (xEV). At the same time, the diversification of power semiconductors used in various vehicle inverter and converter circuits necessary to configure more efficient systems is currently underway, along with technological innovation of both ultra-low-loss SiC power devices (i.e. SiC MOSFETs, SiC SBDs) and conventional silicon power devices (e.g. IGBTs, Super Junction MOSFETs).

To provide effective power solutions for a wide range of applications, ROHM is focusing not only on product and technology development for industry-leading SiC power devices, but for silicon products and driver ICs as well.

A variety of design support materials are also available on ROHM’s website, including SPICE models and application notes on drive circuit design necessary for integration and evaluation, supporting quick market introduction. ROHM is committed to continuing to contribute to minimizing environmental impact through system low power consumption and miniaturization by developing low-loss power devices that meet different needs and offering design tools as a solution.

The breakthrough RGWxx65C series utilizes an SiC SBD as the freewheeling diode for the IGBT. ROHM low-loss SiC SBDs significantly reduce turn ON loss over silicon fast recovery diodes (FRDs) used in conventional IGBTs. This reduces loss by 67% over conventional IGBTs and 24% over SJ MOSFETS (which generally provides lower loss than IGBTs) when used in vehicle chargers. Furthermore, a high efficiency of over 97% is ensured over a wide operating frequency range when we use this device for automotive charger – 3% higher than existing IGBTs at 100kHz – contributing to lower power consumption and good cost performance in automotive and industrial equipment applications.

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