Samsung Electronics released a whitepaper on 5G standards on June 14th.

With the title "Who & How: Making 5G NR Standards", this whitepaper contains clear information on 5G mobile communications and their standards, including the reasons for the development of telecommunication standards, the development process of the 5G standard and the technical characteristics of the 5G standard, and explains the previous 6G frequencies and new technologies over 5G that are not used in the telecommunications field.

Samsung Publishes 5G NR Standards Whitepaper-SemiMedia

The whitepaper also includes interviews with five employees who serve as chairs and vice chairs in the 3GPP and 5G business areas. The interview showed Samsung’s leadership in the standardization of Q&A formats and the commercialization of 5G.

Woojune Kim, senior vice president of Samsung Electronics' network division said: "Samsung has been leading the 3GPP standardization work for more than two years, and for the first time introduced 5G UHF equipment worldwide. "By 2020, we will actively support the inclusion of UHF and low-frequency equipment. Within the commercialization of 5G, these devices are at the heart of change with Korea, the United States, Japan and other leading 5G countries. ”

At present, the whitepaper "Who & How: Making 5G NR Standards" can be downloaded from the Samsung Electronics Network's homepage.