Today, IC Insights released the latest report and listed sales growth rates for 33 IC product categories. It is expected that 76% of IC product sales will remain stable or decline this year.

According to IC Insights, after two consecutive years of rapid growth, it is expected that the sales growth rate of DRAM will be the last one this year, and NAND flash memory is the second last.

Compared with last year, IC products are expected to experience significant negative growth in 2019. Among them, 16 IC products have a negative growth of less than 10%, and 9 IC products will have a negative growth of more than 10%. IC Insights pointed out that of the 33 IC product categories, 8 industrial and other special-purpose logic IC products will increase by 38%, followed by display drivers and PLDs. Last year, 16 of the 22 IC product categories with sales growth exceeded 10%.

IC Insights expects the DRAM market to experience the largest decline in all categories this year, ranking last in the 2019 sales growth. NAND flash and SRAM are also expected to experience a significant setback as DRAM.